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Walk It Up! – by Ashley Boynes

The time is here for you to register for your local Arthritis Foundation Arthritis Walk! Not only that, but yesterday, April 6th, was National “Start Walking” Day, and, the month of April is also Physical Wellness Month. So, what better time to get moving?! Spring is upon us, and, new research recently published in Arthritis … Continue reading

Some Startling Arthritis Statistics – by Ashley Boynes

´╗┐´╗┐Did You Know…..   50 million Americans have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. That’s 22% of the population, and 1-in-5 adults!   The previous arthritis┬ástatistic has risen at a rate of approximately 1 million people every year over the last 4 years!   1-in-10 Americans skip or struggle w/ ‘everyday’ activities like climbing stairs or grocery shopping b/c … Continue reading