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Thanks for stopping by the Arthritis Foundation, Mid Atlantic Region’s Blog.  We’re happy to have you and hope you’ll stick around for a while.  The Mid Atlantic Region includes Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virgina, North Carolina and South Carolina.  If you’re reading from another wonderful place, stick around-it’s all relevant no matter where you’re reading from!

You’ll find a little bit of everything wellness and arthritis related on this blog-awesome recipes, research news, advocacy updates and occasionally, some pretty cool videos from our events. :)

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  1. Hi! I am a mother of two glorious children, a boy and a girl, 4 years and 1.5. I have a career in the field of Optometry/Ophthalmology that I love so much, but is VERY tiring. I am 26, and was technically diagnosed with RA at 25. My symptoms flared after childbirth. After my first child, the symptoms faded, but after the second, they stayed. So I am a newbie, just looking for some info on RA.

  2. Ashley you touched me by your story I have RA butt I didn’t find out till after I got married & I was in my 30’s ! I wish I would find out when I was a kid maybe things will be different . I have it all over my body neck on down !
    I know it runs in the family my brother & sisters don’t have it at all ! My dad & grandma had some in there back ! Just this past year I found out where I got it from which is my moms uncle . So I could relate to your story . I would like to thank-you for sharing your story ! It has help me in many ways !

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